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Welcome to "Association for the Study of the Law of Reverend Shinji Takahashi" Home Page!

The Law is the power to call forth mercy and love. God will, with His infinite mercy and power,open up a road of light before those who believe in the Right Law.


Words of the Great Lord - "Vessel of Light"

I shall never silence myself even in the heavenly world. I shall be among and give light, peace, and joy of life to those who believe in me and put the Law into practice because the Law is light, mercy, and energy with eternal love and peace.

One's soul is life that lives through this world and the other world. There is no barrier between the two. The only barrier is delusion by the senses. Nothing but onefs self-limiting mind hinders; onefs mind considers the physical body as self and negates everything else that is intangible. This is the most dreadful self-deceit. Sooner or later, one will reside in the world without senses and must recognize how precious and wonderful life is.

What I want to tell you now is to return to the origin of the Law and build your own selves. The destiny of the earthly world, where people on earth live, rests upon your shoulders. Whether it will be beautiful or ugly, good or evil depends on nothing but the minds of people on earth.

If your minds are preoccupied with what appeals to the senses and taken over by them when I want to reach out to give light to you from heaven, the barrier between heaven and earth will become even higher, causing the bridge of light to be ephemeral like a mirage.

When you overcome your passions and live by the Law with your entire mind, the bridge of light will finally become steadfast to lend you the power of love and mercy.

Being in heaven now, I watch over your thoughts and actions. I can instantly read the minds of a hundred people to see who did what and where. A hundred is just figuratively speaking; in fact, I can instantly read the minds of all people. This is the difference between those with physical bodies and those with non-physical ones.

Of course, the world of real existence is divided into many different areas, in which spirits reside according to the amount of light; however, there is nothing impossible in the heavenly world where I live.

Then, what makes this possible? This is possible because the minds of people are connected with the heavenly world by the spirit lines, which are all within my visual field, never to leave my mind. When you correct and make yourselves vessels of light, the divine light will fill you, who are the vessels, and cannot but give you peace and harmony.

Believe in me.
To believe in me is to live by the Law.
Blind belief or religious frenzy has nothing to do with faith.
The way of faith is that you live according to the unchangeable divine truth of the great universe.
I am the Light.
I am the Law.
I am the Way.

You will complement, help, and cooperate with each other to go forward. Then, I shall show and guide you to the way of light. Believe and never doubt.

This association's home page is established on September 21st 1998, and is here by devoted to great Lord, Reverend Shinji Takahashi to commemorate his birthday (September 21st 1927).

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